Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Plain Dealer

Even though it is Tuesday, I just now got around to the Sunday Arts section of the Plain Dealer.  (Mental Floss and a book called Brain Works have been distracting me lately) I read an article about a guy who's making a movie about an Irish Clevelander who goes to Ireland for the first time. It sounds like it could be a decent movie, but what I'm more interested in is the burgeoning film scene here. This summer I half considered trying to be an extra in the Avengers, but got lazy. Hopefully, more and more movies will get made here and we can all enjoy the fun of it.


  1. A lot of films have been filmed in Cleveland for years before our city became such a "hot" scene (Thanks to the tax breaks).

    The first half hour of "The Deer Hunter" was shot in Tremont. The horrible "Howard the Duck", "Spider-Man 3", "Double Dragon", "Antoine Fisher", "Telling Lies in America" among others.

    The Cleveland Film Society has done a great job of promoting the film scene and getting movie made here. As a kid, I did a lot of their youth workshops and they really do a lot in the community beyond the film festival. I hope you can get to be an extra soon. It looks like you'll be getting plenty of opportunities pretty soon.

  2. Additional Cleveland movie trivia...rooftop opening scene in "Patriot Games" was shot on top of Severance Hall (a stand in for a building in Russia), and the song "Don't Rain On My Parade" in "Funny Girl" was shot partially in Cleveland, on the waterfront.

  3. Realized, after posting my movie trivia comment, that I may not have had the accurate title of the movie shot at Severance Hall. The actual movie shot on the rooftop was "Air Force One". If one looks carefully at the opening scene, Thwing Hall at Case Western Reserve University can be seen (aerial shot). They also did some filming at the Cuyahoga County building and in the stairwell at the Cleveland Public library. Info compliments of IMDB!